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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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I am no longer the goddess of the self-timer
The idea that I used to make actual, quality art while doing the self-timer dance for three hour stretches boggles my mind (yes, it was 9 years ago, but still.)  I am in pain. Also, wow is it a pain in the butt to deal with a room full of stuff instead of a happy clean seamless to shoot against. But anyway. I need some opinions

The pictures are adequate to the task, I think, which is a "behind the scenes" shot of me at work which will go up on several websites. I don't really know which one to send, though. I did album assembly (even though 5 out of my 7 kinds of albums are assembled by the bookbinder) because a picture of me sitting at the computer designing seemed really really boring.

Set #1 (matted album):
Set #2 (flush album, and I thought the stripey shirt might moire-ing when I checked the LCD)
I am not yet sure whether I will take the time to retouch in a little extra hair where apparently I was uneven on my last buzz. :)

So if you could tell me know which of these 7 is most appealing to you in a "finding out a bit about this person you might hire" way, that would be great. Image deadline is now past; thanks for all your input.

#1 of the second set is the best overall, although the hand motion in number 2 of the second set is better. #s 3 and 4 of the first set are okay. You look irritated in #s 1 and 2 of the first set.

The first two of the second set show me focused attention that's attractive especially in hiring someone to do detailed creative work. Particularly #1 (okay I wouldn't want your neck to be *stuck* in that position but it says close observation).

The stripy shirt is awesome on you. I like #2 of the first set the best. I agree you look slightly irritated, but it comes across to me as an "I get shit done" kind of look.

I like the stripes. 2-4... #4 might be my all around favorite, though the elbow position tweaks me for reasons that have nothing to do with art.

tweak is the right word. I have no idea how the people who have to assemble those albums for 8 hour shifts manage it, they are squirrely and awkward.

Set 1 #4!

#3 of first set.

#3 of first set

Ah, the voice of dissent has arrived! I like the second one of the second set. Lots of interesting stuff, nice look of focus on your face, it has a feel of activity, and the blue is a nice solid contrast to the photos.

I actually really like the first one of the first set, but the glare in it distracts me.

The twitter people agreed with you. :)

I like set 1, #2.

The second set may show a bit more about process, simply by there being more 'items' in it. A case perhaps of a more busy photo showing better. Both shirts suit you and your purpose well. I wouldn't worry about the hair... I didn't noticed except you specifically mentioned it. And I looked before I read, so there's the order.