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I hate this part
Next weekend, I am taking a workshop on Encaustic and Photography from Nichole DeMent at my alma mater. Yes, I have done multiple workshops on this topic (Encausticamp and other), but practice-with-expert-guidance is a way I learn well and also I like her work and can't figure out how she made it.

But we have to bring to class several prints to use, made on washi or with laser. Which I already have all the materials to do for once , yay .... but now I have to plow through my archives (because I have been shooting less and less over the past few years) and try to find photos that are:

  • interesting to me to work with in a mixed-media context

  • that I don't think suck

This turns out to be really difficult, and the longer it takes to find something the more I get to the familiar-imposter-syndrome place of "Ohmigod I suck I have no business calling myself an artist blah blah blah."

Maybe I should just start with 2003, I always end up back there anyway --- which is to say, the photos that were the foundation of my thesis show when I graduated. But going back to PCNW to work with the photos I made there ten years ago? Ow.


I wanted to take a similar class locally, but way too pricey for me. =/ I also have a hell of a time narrowing images down for stuff like this.

I frequently look through older photographs; it isn't that you've not done anything new, it's that you are looking to do something new with material on hand.

I don't know if this will help or not, but I love your "modern mythology" photos. Or maybe you could do something with flowers, from the show you had up when we were in town about two years ago.

Forgive me if this is the opposite of helpful.


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