my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

what should I offer up for charity auction?

There are a number of auctions around that I either need or want to participate in (school fundraiser, yoga school fundraiser, con or bust**, etc.) but I would like some feedback on what to offer; in the past when I have offered, say, photoshop help, it has sold, but not been redeemed, which makes me sad. Art, as well, has been pretty dicey, going for the minimum at best which doesn't really seem worth it? (It's been a few years on the art front, but I haven't exactly been prolific.)

So, as y'all at least somewhat know what I do, and what I *can* do, what sounds good to you?

1. Album Design
2. Album Design with an album included (probably only for the school, since that's a big investment, and it would need to be local so they could see an example. I figure this would probably be a portrait album rather than wedding)
3. Retouching (could be and/or with @1)
4. Photoshop Tutoring
5. Art (feel free to suggest pieces you think are good candidates, from your memory or my hideously out of date website.)
6. something else

I can't really see the giclee printing service being useful at anything but an auction oriented towards artists.

** There are some seriously cool things already up at con or bust, including true old school letterpress printing and signed first editions. Go look.

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