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too many seeds
I just placed my Territorial Seeds rder, and am definitely going to have more than I will be able to use of certain seeds; if you are Seattle area and want some, let me know. Some of these are trivial to find locally, others are a bit weirder

cherry buzz tomato (very early cherry tomato)
mexican sour gherkin cucumber (from the drunken botanist collection)
minnesota midget melon (fastest melon I've ever seen, mini-canteloupes.)
boothby's blonde cucumber
royal burgundy bean
ruby ball cabbage
veronica broccoli
yum yum gold peppers

I also have a pot of spearmint that threatens to take over the world.

I will happily buy or trade for some of your seeds!

You can sing "minnesota midget melon" to the tune of the Peter Gunn theme.

You're welcome.

Oooh. I'll take a few cabbage, broccoli, and/or bean seeds if you've got any. Can trade for weird Montana heritage lettuces if you want.

Maybe someday I'll have a space with enough sun to grow cucurbits that don't die of powdery mildew, sigh.

If you have any left - my roommate may like some for her garden...


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