February 3rd, 2021


Bodies are irritating, education continues

the hormones have kicked in fully and I’m getting mini-hot flashes 3-10 times a day, including at night. I am really not looking to 5 years of this. I’m poking at thredup and similar to start replacing a bunch of my clothes that are synthetic with cotton/bamboo/etc, and went ahead and bought some bamboo nightgowns and (not yet arrived) linen-cotton sheets to see if that will help, because not sleeping through the night is really fucking irritating. (I normally run too cold. I’m pulling shirts/blankets on and off constantly.)

I had no less than 15 sketch pads, all different kinds of paper, and STILL had to buy two new ones for the online drawing class I’m starting. It’s ridiculous. Cheap, though, and can be used for other things than what we’re doing in the class.

I picked the bullet journal up again, which I had kind of dropped when my main tasks were surviving, and it’s been really helpful; it’s gotten me back on the horse with daily workouts and almost-daily German practice. And the motivation to do something about the sleep situation is harder to forget when I’m looking at a solid row of “bad sleep” markers in the monthly tracker. 

The kids have started a new term, and I’m glad to see the back of the last one with (miraculously) only one class that will need to be retaken. I heard a rumor that I absolutely believe that at one of the local high schools half the student body is failing at least one class. I am hopeful, though, that this term there won’t be a month where a kid is simultaneously studying the Holocaust and Cancer (this happened *while* I was in chemo) which went predictably badly considering how much stress we were already under.  The goals for their Health class sound waaay better than what we had, like, learning about mental health and making good choices on many fronts and the specific “knowing how pregnancy occurs” goal that was not there and very much needed at my high school.

WandaVision continues to be awesome and I’m ridiculously happy Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo are back. Sean and I are watching it together which is something I haven’t done with anyone in... maybe since before we had kids? Or soon after that?

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