April 25th, 2019


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 I just picked up my car from the mechanic and it drives like it's new again. I guess the clutch had been slowly declining for a long time.

I took the dog for a walk this morning so he would be a little less amped. Eventually - as in after we had been home for 15 minutes -- he got less amped.  Hauling around 20 pounds of jumpy puppy is challenging, but getting less so.  I'm definitely sticking with the ankle brace while doing so for a while, even though I'm not using the brace for much else at this point.  Being able to walk normally again is just really, really exciting. This entry was originally posted at https://jeliza.dreamwidth.org/1076019.html. Please comment there using OpenID.

yay no red spots

The best thing about computerized records and going back to the same health plan I grew up on, is when I was about to mildly freak out and try to get an MMR booster shot (which apparently most people born before 1989 need) I pulled up my medical records and can see that I got one back in 95. (I have no memory of getting it, but I'm guessing it was required by my grad school.)

No idea what happened in between leaving for Boston in 95 and getting back to Group Health like 10 years ago, but those teenage records are just sitting there, being useful. (The ones from when I was a kid weren't digitized, apparently.)

This measles outbreak is scary AF.

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