February 28th, 2017


today is fired.

So far today:
  • my chai spilled all over the car before I could drink any.
  • D left his math book & homework (which had been less than an inch from his backpack) at home, so I had to go drive it in
  • The smell of bacon is making my stomach turn, and S made a whole batch of it so the entire upstairs is pretty much off-limits.
  • The bacon offering, which was designed to increase the staying power of the childrens' breakfasts, was not a hit.
  • I had to drive S into work for reasons, so I've barely had any a chance to work this morning -- and I have at this point *three* projects past deadline.
  • And I have a haircut in an hour, and an appointment in Seattle in the early evening, so basically no chances to sit at the computer for longer than 45 minutes until bedtime. (Designing books works far better if I have a big enough chunk of time to wrap my head around the gestalt of it.)
It's only noon.  I would really, really like this to improve.

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