November 25th, 2016



Thanksgiving was lovely. I wasn't ready to deal with certain tr*mp-supporting in-laws without screaming/crying yet, so S and I went to turkey day with my family which are pretty much all UU hippie leftist weirdos, most of whom have logged hours in marching and such. It was comfy. And there was pie and cranberries and stuffing so yay.  And my step-aunt informed me that she still has not met my (tween/teen) children, so clearly us as a family spending more time with my birth family is long overdue.

And on the way home we drove at 5 mph through the empty street next to Grand Avenue park so as not to break our pokemon streaks, and there was a high level Jinx and 6 pokestops all clumped together, so that was a nice end to the day.