November 12th, 2016


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There has been epic cleaning. I will have a carful going to goodwill, including my Jessica McClintock wedding dress* (!) and a rather lovely bar set, because you know, it might have been my mom's, but I'm not actually emotionally attached to it or in need of a bar set.  Plus, this means one less "box marked glass" in the house -- though it is surprising that this one actually contained entirely glass. The house is still nowhere near fit for company, but there is an encouraging dent in the clutter. I'm not sure if having  New Year's open house like we used to is an accomplishable goal or not.

(Yes, I gort married in a foofy lace covered early 90s McClintock. Yes, you can laugh. The pictures make me giggle, except for the whole ex- thing.)

ETA: becuase you asked -- this is me with my three half-sisters. My mom did my makeup. the jewelry and veil were borrowed, those are my actual glasses, though. And I bought the dress when I was a starving grad student -- the only time in my adult life I wore a size 8 anything -- but got married after returning to normal life, so I could barely breathe.