October 2nd, 2016

PvZ purple beret

too much glowing in my face

I am really tired of the online parts of running a business. I don't want to be spending this much time on the computer, I just want to make the things.

And fix my house, becuase my house is so cluttered to be extremely tiring.

I'm considering just ... not applying for the two holiday shows I'm halfway through the applications for, and just sitting with the current schedule. Which, among other things, would mean NOT trying to get enough of the housewares/Christmas prototypes done to be photographable and up where the people choosing vendors can see them. (Doing just jewelry, and at the level I currently work at, means mostly getting told "nice, but we have too many jewelry artists" at most shows that aren't SF conventions.)

I have two SF shows (LosCon, TusCon) and two "in person" shows (OddMall and CK8's Winterfest) scheduled for the rest of the year, and am waitlisted for two more SF shows. I definitely need to make more inventory to be able to cover all of them, but the very first is still 4 weeks off, and that's only one art show panel, so there's much more wiggle room for prototypes to take time to work.

(I did manage to make a pretty ornament today. It doesn't really look space-y, but it's pretty.)