September 5th, 2016

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I have radically cut down how much time I am at the computer, and in particular cut down on being on social media in a way that makes it easy to talk/put foot in mouth.  My anxiety level definitely dropped as a result. We'll see if I can manage to keep this up without further socially isolating myself, plus there is that whole necessary self-promotion when you are self-employed thing. I did apply to an honest-to-goodness shop, on the selling stuff without having to be the one selling the stuff front, which is a milestone even if I don't get it. (My hopes are not actually high on that front, but at least it's off my to-do-list.)

36 hours until the kids are back in school. Tomorrow is buy a back-to-school shopping (aka none of their warm clothes from last winter fit anymore, really.)  And we're going to do a "dry run" tomorrow morning to see what the traffic is actually like to the new school location so we don't start out the new year with tardies.

I am craving cinnamon bears constantly. I don't think I even liked them until last year. (They were too hot before. Yes, you can laugh.)