January 1st, 2016

eve, "kate dillon"

starting as you mean to go on

Apparently on New Year's Day there is this custom that you should set precedents for the rest of the year by what you do with your time on that day? Which I didn't really know about/think about until 9:15pm, so I would have done a few things differently BUT I went to a party-thing! Like, there were people I don't know, and eating and talking and I left before the board/card games came out, but definitely it counts as actual socializing.

Also, the GPS didn't work and I managed to navigate the twisty back roads of Mountlake Terrace relying almost entirely on memories from twenty-ish years ago, so I felt very suave.

And I did get some annoying bits of work done of the kind I like to avoid until the last minute, and I got a large pile of stuff out of my room and out of the house, and I ate reasonably well, and my negative interactions with people were limited to Dan getting slightly grumpy at me when I insisted it was time to leave the party.

I'm not sure that the discovery that Tanqueray goes really nicely with hot Morroccan Mint tea should be precedent setting, but then again, it's a really excellent nightcap, so I suspect it will happen again on too-anxious-to-sleep days.

I'm going to do at least one drawing on the ipad before falling just because.
(I did some tipsy-registering for art workshops a week ago, and have blocked out Friday morning life drawing on my calendar, so I am a little more confident that art will actually happen this year, but hey, let's not jinx it...)