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call for blood donation, and a heads up for my inked friends
eve, "kate dillon"
PSA for my inked NW friends: this morning when I went to donate blood this morning, they said a tattoo from a licensed artist in WA, OR and ID is now a three day deferral instead of a 12 month deferral.

The 4th of July tends to be a peak need time PLUS the heat wave is affecting supply particularly of O+, O- and A-, so please consider donating if you can (The ridiculous ban on men who have ever slept with men after 1977 is unfortunately still in place, against all the major Blood Centers wishes.)

Many mobile drives have had to be canceled because of the heat, but there are still appointment times at the regular centers, and they are open regular hours today: BloodworksNW (formerly Puget Sound Blood Centers)