March 8th, 2015


Daylight savings time continues to suck

Yes, the sun sets a bit early, but conversely, yesterday it was light out at my normal wakeup time.  My alarm went off, I saw it was dark, and muzzily went back to sleep.  And then woke up about 20 minutes into the client meeting I was supposed to be having, which provided a burst of adrenaline I really didn't need. Thank goodness it was phone and not skype, because I am still in my jammies, and the client was understanding but ugh.

Apparently, our school has been tracking and the week following this time change is always the highest number of disciplinary events.

The energy efficiency argument has been quashed. Maybe the tourism argument still stands.  It appears to have less benefit in northern areas than southern, in terms to "leisure time" light ... so maybe Washington State should follow Hawaii's example and just stop doing it.

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