February 20th, 2015


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We managed something vacation-y today, for the last weekday of vacation, and went to the zoo, which really all went quite well and the kids didn't complain when I gently nudged them to go home early since my feet were doing their stupid feet thing (forgot my cane. again. Bless the meerkat/komodo dragon exhibit and its benches.)

Instagram with the flamingos, because LJ's embeds keep failing

I got all my ducks in a row for a Sekrit Project, but it involves writing which is super hard to get myself to sit down to do (my Dad spent years thinking I should be writing the Great American Novel, when I've never written any fiction of any length or quality. Aren't parents adorable?) It's hard to make time for anything that doesn't involve kids, work, or basic self-care, but I do think I would enjoy it and it would be a useful outlet. But... writing. At least it's more portable than all my preferred art mediums.