January 8th, 2015


I want to give them kevlar hoodies.

Yesterday the school district entirely shut down becauase a guy with a long gun walked onto Meridian Park Elementary (which houses my kids school), and pointed a gun at an employee and implied that he would be "visiting" all the schools.  When they lifted the lockdowns halfway through the day (which let the middle/high school kids go home) we assumed it was because they had caught the guy.

Yeah, no. They don't have a suspect even. I am so incredibly tense right now.  They have "increased patrols" at the schools, and it's just so hard to know whether or not to be scared. I also don't know if we should have had a talk with the kids about why school was cancelled. I expect O might lose her shit, but I also think the school staff is a lot more qualified to have that discussion.

I am glad we drive the kids into school, because there were news crews camped on the sidewalk trying for interviews with the families that walk in.

The gun nuts commenting on the news articles (yeah, I shouldn't have read the comments) implying that this was a stunt dreamed up by gun control advocates can go to hell.