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clean(ing) start
me at the wheel
I'm starting my year off by getting rid of stuff. Recycling (omg so much recycling, and why won't instagram embed anymore?), the bits of trash that always accumulate, and then the most important things is GETTING RID OF STUFF. I have a ginormous box labeled goodwill and I'm not going to stop until it's done, and whenever I start to get twitchy (especially about things like the stockpile of frames from when I was doing shows) I'm just going to recite fallacy of sunk costs like a mantra.

That said, if you need picture frames, e-mail. Aaron Brothers buy-one-get-one-for-a-penny frame sale and I had a close relationship several years running. But I don't think I will be doing any serious shows again anytime soon (and if I do, they would probably be of paintings on cradled boards anyway and not framed prints.)