October 14th, 2014


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I love omona because someone posted one of those celebrity "blind item" gossip things, not so we could get all scandalmonger-y, but because it was about a celeb being awful while filming a pizza commercial and thus an excuse for all of us to talk about pizza.  Not that it can't get stupid, but on the whole it's a well-behaved fan forum, especially considering that 2014 has been a hell year for kpop scandals. (Like, actual scandals, not the usual kpop thing where finding out a celebrity is dating anyone at all is a "scandal".)

I had a massage this morning that reduced the flaming gordian knot of muscle in my shoulder back down to the usual vaguely ache-y snap-crackle-pop. There was also a lecture about proper computer posture, though I'm actually getting much better on that front.