my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk


I just joined ArtSnacks Mix (basically an artist-specific social media site, linked to the artsnacks subscription box which i also just signed up for) and the question of the day was "if you were an art supply which would you be?"

This is kind of an awesome question but I realized my actual answer was not something I should be using to introduce myself to a new community, and yet I kind of wanted to share. So, I think I would be compressed charcoal, which is intense and messy and makes art that doesn't lend itself to pretty, all tones and almost no clarity of line. That this is also one of my very favorite art supplies to work with, probably my favorite if my camera doesn't count, is I think because that's how I am, even though it is not what comes most easily technique-wise.

It continues to be hilarious to me that I finally have a semi-successful artsy career when I started making work that was non-representational and involves bright colors and glitter and no emotional underpinnings at all. Like the vastness and majesty of space (very me) but made approachable and cute (wut). All because I wanted an obnoxious ring, and just kept going.  

What art supply would y'all be?

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