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I saw a coyote in the neighborhood for the first time in a decade yesterday. It wasn't all skin and bones like the last one I saw, but certainly wasn't plump. i've seen a fair number of our weird inbred bunnies around, which I assume are their major food source.

I've been sickly and headache-y pretty much every day since I got back from Santa Fe, which is irritating as fuck, especially since I need to limit my screen time, and I came back with new ideas to figure out and family photos to restore, the latter more urgent as my Dad has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently.  Hands are still not all the way healed, so I'm going to stick to the computer instead of trying to draw again. I think, but I really want to get back to having a major interest that isn't fandom.

That said, the Black Widow movie was fun, and the Loki series was uneven as fuck, but given that the next Marvel offering is my very favorite character and we know that at least a few episodes are pulled directly from the best run of the comics ever, I'm on board at least that far.  The new Leverage is, as expected, quite good. I am still confused that I have become a person who watches television again.

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