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goddamn diet culture

I went to look for ways to treat myself -- a gold star equivalent -- for doing some ugly, yucky stuff, so I searched for "non-food rewards" because
  1. I already know that chocolate and cheese exist.
  2. After cleaning out truly stinky stuff I don't even want to think about food.

Even though I specifically did NOT take the drop down suggestion of "non-food rewards for weight loss" I got ... page after page after page of non-food rewards for weight loss.  Which I really do not want to look at right now, even if they might have good ideas, because I'm not particularly happy with my recovering body, and don't need further reminders that it is in a state society finds shameful  (Yes, I know that's 99% bullshit, but having the energy to remember that when I've not got energy to spare is just ugh.

I eventually used enough google-fu to find lists of "rewards that don't cost money" from the frugal lifestyle sites, which were slightly helpful and would be more helpful if it weren't a pandemic and if I were in better health, and some habit/organizing site lists that had things besides food. The "go to a drag show" suggestion made me both laugh and side-eye. But I really should not have had to come up additional queries to get them.

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