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how is it May?

Got my second covid jab, and did not escape without side effects this time, sadly. Headache, general cold-esque discomfort, and combined with my usual temperature regulation issues courtesy my regular meds, I think I slept maybe 2 hours, in chunks. I haven't had a decent night sleep in months, but that's a bit extreme even for me.   (Anyone know the magic keywords to find a blanket that has literal weight but doesn't actually retain much warmth?)

My grand "get more shit out of the house" plans for today have therefore been scotched, but I at least got the lights dim enough to do computer work, so taxes go in today -- finally found the last form I needed. I am exceedingly unimpressed with the credit union that SECUWA/Inspirus merged into, but I don't know that there are any better options out there.

We have a plan, but not reservations, for the four of us to head down to Santa Fe when school is out before R moves East; everyone but Dan will be fully vaccinated at that point, but he isn't eligible until July.

There is finally one room that is basically entirely clear of clutter. I like standing in it and just breathing.

I read a story that had me howling last night -- it's an Avengers AU, but you could swap any names in there and it would lose nothing but a funny reference or two. Goofy cross-cultural supernatural romance hijinks: My Big Fat Wolf Wedding.

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