my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

time keeps on slipping into the future

It's the end of Spring Break (which was basically just an extended weekend, we didn't do anything in particular) and it continues to feel like limbo land. I'm not quite sure how they are going to fit the rest of school into 8 weeks, particularly with the new weird schedule they are doing to accommodate the hybrid student population (we stuck with the "Zoomies" rather than the "Roomies". OMG those names kill me.)

Gotten my first jab yay.

O has settled on they/them pronouns and being called Olli after a lot of exploring things. I'm not making the verbal switch as quickly as I expected, though given the preceding 17 years it's a predictable speed.

A new big chunk of improving house livability got done, which among other things makes it possible that i can do zoom yoga classes, which I kind of desperately need, and also there is now a comfy chair to curl up in and read (a change of scenery from bed) that the dog cannot get to.

My thumb/wrist sprain is improving (did I remember to post about spraining my thumb?) but continues to suck. Still can't hold a drawing pencil, drinking glasses are dodgy, getting out of bed can be weird.

Having a weekly TV date with Sean because of the new Marvel series-es has been really nice. Both because we haven't done anything Date Night ish in years, and a shared new media experience is fun. I guess we're going to watch one of his favorite series (The Magicians) next, since Loki won't be launching for two months. (Falcon and the Winter Soldier was good, but not as good as WandaVision. It had to do more heavy lifting in setting up things in the larger universe, though.)

I have been listening to a frankly shocking amount of ABBA.

R is finally getting to take in-person classes in Santa Fe, but not soon enough to salvage the program there given some of the stuff that's been cancelled, so she's going to move to the first-choice-but-too-far-away school in North Carolina.

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