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I'm a star trek villian

My hair is returning, but not in an even or predictable way.  Only the inner halves of my eyebrows have really gotten into gear, and they are hella slanted in a very cousin-to-TOS-Vulcan look. Having almost all the follicles(?) on my arms and legs reactivate at about the same time but not grow quickly means I look like I have goosebumps for days.  The head hair is returning in a patchy, mange-like fashion, and appears to be more of a charcoal color than brunette (I dig the color, actually).  One of the parts that hasn't really started growing in is a stripe right down the center of my head, kind of reverse mohawk, and I really don't feel the need to memorialize that image for posterity.

The mustache that I hate? Growing in evenly and at full force. Ugh.

Radiation continues to be almost symptom-free, which makes me antsy to start the next phrase of treatment ASAP, because the complete lack of "Did it die or not" information is driving me mad, and they aren't going to do scans in the middle of treatment.

We bought pre-made everything for Turkey and Pie Day possible, but had to make the pies because celiac, and managed to mess up both of them. Oh well. I am going to try and made fudge from the leftover ingredients (evaporated milk from the pumpkin pie, chocolate cihps from the French Silk.)

I'm re-reading the Fraction/Aja run of Hawkeye (My Life as a Weapon), because it is awesome, and because clearly they have started doing work on the tv series, which we know because Jeremy Renner posted time capture video of them taking a head mold of him. The fandom is very hopeful that this means they are finally doing something with Hawkeye's canonical hearing loss.

(Seriously, if you have something like Hoopla that lets you borrow e-book versions of comics through your library, check it out.  One issue is told entirely from the perspective of the dog, and the drawing style isn't that hyper-muscled thing so many Marvel comics are drawn with, and it's what happens when he *isn't* Avenging, like a slice of life with, you know, archers trying to save their neighborhood from crime lords.)

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    Apparently I am anticipating summer, since dresses are suddenly interesting again. Though I have to shave my head to wear them, mostly.

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