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school's (sort of) in

Today was the first day of any kind of coherent distance learning for the kids, which was ... well, there is a reason we don't homeschool, we are not at all suited for it.  There are some technical details to be sorted - O appears to have inherited some of her mom's strange effect on computers -- but we've muddled along somewhat reasonably. Luckily (and I suspect intentionally) her English teacher shifted their big project to be based on a book they get to each pick from a list of classic literature, and half of them are old enough that they are available free from the Gutenberg Project (since her library account is half-broken for unclear reasons, so no ebooks from the library.)  She picked Wuthering Heights, which I've actually never read, and should maybe do so. Dan's class is reading To Kill A Mockingbird, but they'd already started so he has his book on hand.

(Maybe going back to putting time in proofreading for the Gutenberg Project would be a good use of my stuck-in-the-house time.)

The ceramics and drawing teachers are still trying to figure out what on earth to do, and details are still getting hammered out for everyone at the state level as well. No one involved with this is getting paid enough, I'm pretty sure.

I continue to not have any significant illness symptoms, though the same cannot be said for everyone in the house. We'll see where we are once April comes around. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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