my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

cautious hope.

I have so far this year managed to exercise quite regularly, which is doing good things for my state of mind, but wow is yoga kicking my ass. How do I ease muscles that are mad because I stretched them? I have slathered my shoulders and back in Aspercreme and smell a bit like an old lady. Last week's bout of Aspercreme came when I started the second half of the Matrix ("Guns. Lots of Guns.") as my treadmill entertainment and went an extra 20ish minutes with ramped up speed, because EXCITE. (Then ow.)

I am neither ready to file my excise taxes on the 31st or for NerdfaireCon on the 1st, so I need to use my exercise energy to go full-tilt boogie basically 12 hours a day until then. Woot. (2019 was a sufficient trash fire, especially on the brain front, that my bookkeeping is only complete through july.)

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