my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

Today was D's last day of middle school. I suspect he will sleep all day tomorrow unless forced to awaken. He went to the after school beach party with friends of ours who I will need to pester for pictures.  We are making plans for pridefest that might involve pink hair, and hopefully the kids meeting online friends in meatspace for the first time.

I found my lost-for-weeks primary key set in a place that is logical and yet is also not a place I'm mad at myself for overlooking (backup swim bag) Now I can drive my car without making sure I have pliers with me, since my backup car key is broken out of its fob. Which is a small thing, and yet huge.

Tammy and I managed to haul our butts to the pool after missing multiple days and found it closed for mainteance, so we went for ice cream instead. Which was fun, but not exactly exercise.

I'm still spending a ton of time reading silly fanfiction, but it is keeping my anxiety level manageable, I suspect partially just by giving me less time to follow the news.

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