my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

I ran out of fanfic.

I have now run through everything the several authors on ao3 that consistently write to my tastes have written, and have been cruising through tags trying to find other things, and wow, does the Discworld Death of Rats show up in a lot of stories. Including multiple takes on what happens when Peter Pettigrew dies.

My tastes are a little too specific. It's a problem. I finally got an account instead of just reading as a guest so that I can know the instant that the toasterverse, use your words verse, or foodieverse update again, after inhaling the almost million words involved in those three over this past weekend when I was sick.

(I thought Endgame did an okay of wrapping up the Avengers movies, but I want more time with the characters.)

D apparently has an ao3 where he has posted multiple stories, but he won't tell me the name because that would be embarrassing. I suspect I could figure it out, but have resisted the urge to do so, because respecting children's boundaries is important. (I am so frigging curious. But no.)

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Tags: parenting, reading

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