my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

bodily enforced down time

I spent basically all of memorial day weekend in bed sick, which is just ... great. I can get up and walk around today, but am tiring really, really quickly, and unfortunately, there was a lot that needed to get done this weekend and some of it can't be put off any longer, which is to say, two customer orders, one of which is a multi-hour album assembly, and getting ready for my show this weekend.  I was gonna debut some new stuff at Oddmall (I got hair comb settings and the cabinet pulls are not that far from completion as are the clipboards) but now ... not so much.

Iko's first obedience class apparently went really well, but given that I was on gatorade and nap duty, S and D took him. I read a whole lot of fanfiction which the lights low, including an epic Age of Ultron fix-fic that would have been SO MUCH BETTER than what they filmed. So. Much. Better. 

I kind of want them to recast Hawkeye and do a solo film/series prequel based on Matt Fraction's run in the comics now. (With his goddamn hearing aids in, thank you very much.)


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