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zoom room

Iko is starting up obedience classes at the Zoom Room which is really an awesome name for a dog training place. Once he passed Obedience 1 he has the option of also doing Agility training, which I suspect he would like.  They also have age-based puppy play times, so we can get him back on the socialization wagon since we haven't taken him to dog parks since he hadn't had all his shots yet. (Nor am I convinced he would come when called if he's having too much fun.)

The downside of this is that now I have two more appointments to drive to each week for at least the next month or so; basically there are only two days a week that are usually appointment free, and one of them (Sunday) I work away from the house rather frequently. Oi.

R is off to WisCon this weekend, so I am gonna move my computer and maybe a mini painting setup upstairs so I can hang with the dog during the day while she is gone. He is now 5 months old and a complete doof.
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