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We went to SakuraCon today. We pretty much go just to cosplay, shop and costume watch at this point, the kids haven't mostly caught on to the idea of "panels" and such.

The costumes went well:

(I really need to either start carrying a real camera or get a phone with a decent camera.)

And I had Sean take a pic of me, as I was feeling like I actually looked like myself and also kinda good:
at sukuracon wearing lots of black

D got almost all the Kirby stuff he'd been hoping for, except for one thing where he decided he didn't want to give money to people who were also selling things he finds disgusting. D has STRONG OPINIONS about a lot of the hentai/hentai-adjacent stuff - I don't want to say puritanical, because it isn't sexy he objects to, just stuff he thinks is exploitative.  Even if I don't share some of those opinions, I'm hardly going to object to him voting with his dollars, as it were.

Also, this happened:

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