my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
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making cookies for science

Our last year of mandatory science fair, as far as I know.

Things are going as normal, which is to say, messing up in new and strange ways, and there is a great deal of poking required to get the child to actually, you know, do the work. (Writing up the work will be worse.)

I had the fairly smart idea of coming up with a project idea centered around trying different ways of replicating D's favorite sugar cookie into a gluten-free form he can actually eat, so he has some enthusiasm.  The dog is very enthusiastic so far as well, which is ... not helpful.  And I didn't realize the cookie in question you really have to use a mixer for, and we hadn't actually tested the base recipe before tonight either, so we are making some adjustments and will start the whole thing over again tomorrow.

If we do come up with a successful recipe, I'll post it here.

We are starting from this GF Lofthouse copycat recipe but have already noticed that we did not get the same result as she did (and we haven't hared off into our planned variations yet.) As written, the resulting cookies are very almond-y (which is great, if you aren't trying to replicate Lofthouse), definitely do not make 36 cookies, and well, ours rose up and got pillowy? Which is also not actually bad, except for the part where that isn't supposed to happen.

We started with the commercial cup-for-cup GF replacements, but will also be doing rice, almond, and millet flour variations. (The millet was supposed to be sorghum, but there were supply issues. I have no idea what millet tastes like, so that will be interesting.) This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
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