my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

this is a dumb way to make a living

The Make Sale was a massive fail; they definitely had not yet built the audience to add a Spring Show. Add in horrible weather, and well, there just weren't very many people. I made back table, gas, and a little bit of materials, which was better than most of the other vendors I talked to but .. no. Not here for losing money, and spending 16 hours in a cold, drafty building to do it. I am exceedingly stiff and sore today as a result.

My next 3 shows are all unknowns, as well, though more likely to be good matches - May the 4th is a brand new thing, Oddmall I've been away from for a few years and has changed location significantly, and SummerCon is a radical expansion of the (very well run) Toy Expo. And then nothing until my fave Pancakes and Booze in September; hopefully I will get into GeekGirlCon and GeekCraftExpo, but I won't know that for a while.

I really need to figure out the online thing.  And the selling to stores thing. And factor the day of recovery for my middle-aged bod into the cost of any new show I am considering.

Apropos of nothing, Spotify threw this at me on an electroswing-inspired playlist and it pleases me:

Now I must organize the baking of 4 different takes on gluten free sugar free cookies, because Science Fair is less onerous when it is tasty.

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