my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

there is caffeine and adamant cheerfulness in my future

I am currently in the state I usually am in after a big show, not in the run up to one. My brain is very fuzzy, and things that should be second-nature by now are taking multiple tries and careful writing of lists.  I do have a cold, and have been short of sleep every day this week, and PT was unexpectedly draining, so that makes sense. And it isn't horrific, just less than ideal. So I'm just not going to take most of my wall art, because that means I won't have to wrestle with gridwall, and the wine charms didn't get done in time AGAIN and neither did the cabinet pulls but oh well.   

I have been repeatedly been not making stock After the Show, but rather Before the Next Show, and that inevitably means not enough gets made.  No one but me (and possibly Tammy) will know that I am under-stocked just by looking at the booth, so it will be fine. But I need to stop doing that only working to imminent deadlines thing.

(In a side note, I have been doing some light image processing so Tammy's awesome new relief prints can quickly make their way up and out into the world of shirts/bags/etc, and today on her redbubble we added the awesome "cat butt xoxo" to the cat yoga we had already put up on her redbubble. It's awesome, and I'm really sad I can't find a way to embed it, particularly in its most glorious usage as a throw pillow)

I think the only way this is going to work is if I go to sleep early (as in now), and assume that in my run for Show Snax(tm) tomorrow morning a couple cans of Monster will reappear, and that Sunday I will be an entirely useless lump of protoplasm. But in the interim, I will be CHIPPER, dammit, and dazzle the gentlefolk of Snohomish County with my fine handcrafted space sparkles and charming muppet demeanor.

And if you want to see me be a charming muppet, and peruse many fine handcrafted goods, friday night and saturday I am at The Make Sale at the fairgrounds in Monroe. javagoth will also be there, as well as someone whose nom de craft is Auntie Killjoy, which is either a Mood or a Goal, not sure which.

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