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I basically sequestered myself most of the weekend and attempted to stay off my ankle, since it hurts like whoa. I am really hoping I didn't somehow throw the fracture out of alignment, but the times/situations it hurts it don't feel muscular. (And tylenol does nothing for me, and NSAIDs are out of the question for another month. Ugh.)

There are 40 blank pieces of glass on my workbench, because I can't actually fit more than that at the moment, but I'm hoping to have 80 finished by Thursday. It's been long enough that I had to go back through pictures and remember what themes I regularly used to do other than starfield with nebula, starfield with planet, and moonsets over water, because I'm not allowed to do many one-offs or experiments until I've got enough literal stock to fill my trays. This next in-person show is a handmade show, rather than a geeky show, so pretty is sufficient and attempts at real astronomy can wait.

Tomorrow I need to ship 2 panels worth to Conglomeration in Kentucky, Friday is the first day of the 2 day "Make Sale" in Monroe where I have a massive booth, and I'll put together my stuff for Norwescon in two weeks from ... whatever is left over or that I can make really fast after that. The warranty replacement for our glowforge has arrived, been named Bob the Vulcan, and will hopefully be non-sulky, which will mean making things rather faster or with less stress than before. I've got a slew of stuff in the "vector is made, but have to test it" phase, though I don't know how much other than finally getting the wine glass charm sets done I will really push on this week. (If ever there was a show where wine charms will sell, it should be this one.)

O found a Hatsune Miku game for the PS4 and so has devoted as much of her weekend to that as possible. And we got the last bits ordered for her cosplay for Sakuracon, which is also Hatsune Miku but in something that looks like regular clothes instead of the dress that is the default.
I quite like it when they play characters where 90% of the costume can be re-worn as regular clothes, and extra like it when it doesn't call for a short skirt, because wow, putting an off-the-rack set of short skirt and top on O's proportions goes badly rather quickly, since she's so long of both leg and torso; short skirts turn into miniskirts and normal tops become midriff tops, and she's not comfortable with that.  And it isn't stuff you can just buy locally because of course my kids gravitated to the more obscure fandoms. I seriously walked around a significant chunk of the dealer room at Emerald City and spotted exactly ONE item representing their favorite fandoms. One total, not one each.  Ugh.

There were these buttered-sweet-potato chips in O's japan treat subscription box, which she hated, and which I need about a case of. It hits almost the same spot as the buttered popcorn jelly bellies did. (I loved them so much. But the CEO of Jelly Belly gives money to support anti-trans legislation, so bye.)  We took reaction shots while she tried all the different snacks in this month's box, which produced a wide variety of funny faces, but I don't have permission to share the pix.

Your moment of dog:

That purple lump in his mouth is a hippo bath toy that would change color if the water was too hot for the baby. I have no idea how it ended up outside in the yard 11 years after we stopped using it in the bath, but Iko loves it to pieces.

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