my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

I have been given passage back to the land of cool shoes

Had my first PT appointment today, and I'm now allowed to not use the mini-brace when I'm home, or when running short, flattish errands. Water-walking is also not only a go but a recommended, and I got more clarity on what weightlifting stuff I can do. Yoga is still a hell no. I can even start walking the dog for short distances, if he isn't too much of a tugger, which I will have to ask about.

I have a big long blue latex band which I'm to do exercises with 3x a day, but in general I'm apparently doing really well for this soon in the healing process. I've apparently been using my cane "wrong", so the thing I kept doing unconsciously and then having to switch was the right thing to do (putting it in the opposite hand to the injured foot is the correct thing, because of how arms swing.)

So I get to wear my boots again! But I still can't use any painkillers that work, so I'll just pray that my upcoming round of cramps is a mild one. Acetaminophen is useless for me, but naproxen/ibuprofen apparently can inhibit bone healing.

The urge to go do ALL THE EXERCISE is strong.

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