my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk


The Tylenol has not been that helpful, so the doc gave me a scrip for Vicodin. The goal mostly was that Tylenol still leaves me too fuzzy headed from pain to work effectively, and I have shit to do.

I don't think this is going to help really on the work front, as my brain is now an entirely different flavor of fuzzy. Kind of a cross between tipsy and being a goofy 6 year old with a pinch of sleepy. Like, I think I might find fart jokes funny right now, which I normally don't.

No pain, though.

Luckily, the show that I need to do All The Things(tm) for has been rescheduled for March 2 from this Saturday due to the impending 2nd snowpocalypse. (NerdFaireCon) so the only super pressing work is an album revision and a print order. And my much needed supplies arrived in this small interval between snow storms.

I think I should maaaaybe not put too much out there on the internet while my brain is like this.

Stay warm everybody!

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