my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk


This ankle thing is limiting my ability to get stuff done in so many more ways than I would have imagined, and right at the same time that I'm getting clarity on how much I would need to step up production and presentation in order to get my business to a level that would make me feel comfortable in the world.

It is both exhausting and infuriating.

I had an unexpected nap (pain fatigue yay) and had a full on nightmare about not having work to sell at this Saturday's show (which turned into stock disintegrating as I touched it yay)

Technically I have enough stock to fill a table. Just not much that is likely to sell to this audience. Matted prints that haven't seen the light in years may well make an appearance, but I think the congoers will be
heavy on cosplayers and kids.

But sparkly bookmarks are universally appreciated, right?

The puppy continues to be adorable, and also where 40% of my energy is going most days, because toddler needs can't wait, and one sucky show is not going to really be that consequential in the grand scheme of things, but dogs are.

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