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I got one of those "fitness trackers" (like a fitbit, but not expensive) which I plan on completely ignoring the "steps" tracking function of (and will continue to ignore, even when walking is something I am allowed to do) because I at this point do not trust my own estimation of how well I am sleeping, and let's face it, messed up sleep messes up everything. We got one for O as well, for the same reason; her provider is reluctant to throw medication at a problem without being sure it's actually a problem, which I appreciate.

It's kind of nice having a watch again, even though I do have to touch it's tiny screen for the time to be visible. Still faster than waking up my phone. And I turned off the part where it can vibrate to notify you of phone calls and texts because good lord, there is too much stimuli in my environment already.

The fracture is still "stable" which is good, they can't tell yet if it is healing, and the painkillers I was taking (naproxen) I have to stop because apparently there is some indication that NSAIDs can interfere with bone formation. Tylenol does nothing, and narcotics seem like overkill, so I'm just going to roll with oscillating from a 1-4 through the day and try to spend more time with it elevated.

At least if I'm not taking a lot of naproxen, I can have gin.

Iko thanks you for reading, and hopes you find a good stick.
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