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red letter day

Am 45 now. Woo! The birthday morning was fun -- out to breakfast with a friend, who got me a spiffy Hubble book, but then the rest of the day went much more traditionally meh, but that's always been a thing with my birthdays anyway. There was pie.

Yesterday I went and had my hair professionally colored, so not only do I look a proper muppet again, there aren't any weird missed or blotchy spots like when I do it. I will probably be mostly returning to doing it myself once I'm physically able to do so, because it is understandably much less expensive, but it is so helpful to my sanity for that part of me to look "right" again that stylist prices are worth it.

The first proper refillable notebook/planner/binder cover is now actually alive in the world in a proper wood, and designs for the second (shoot for the moon) and third (pretty moon phases) will come quickly, possibly the fourth (a van gogh quote) but I am of course almost out of wood. Feh. I can do all my design testing on MDF, but that doesn't feel nice to the hand, so nothing I would sell people in general, or in particular on this Saturday/Saturday after next.

I am hoping to offer a filofax variant since that seems popular, but need to get my hands on an examplar of the proper hole spacing. And then would need to source a5 paper so ... maybe that will be an online custom order only thing.

I have acquired an impressive Heavy Duty Adjustable Hole Punch that was over $50 on *sale*, because I want to be able to deliver them with nicer paper that you can pick up at the office supply store.

and we need to figure out how to manage to combination of glowforge and puppy, because that thing is loud, and then we run an industrial fan to really get aaaalll the smoke out and that is LOUD and I am having visions of Vacuum Cleaner Defense League class shenanginans. Or even just freaking out the puppy, and scared puppy is not good, but initial puppy containment area and glowforge are in basically the same space.

The fractured ankle is "stable" sez the x-ray notes, which I guess means I haven't been overdoing it? hopefully.

I need to paint and epoxy about 50 pieces of glass in the next 36 hours, so I should really get off the computer and on to that.

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