my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

life continues, working and ouch edition.

The kids hung out with me last night and peeled masking paper of that day's cuttings, which was nice on several fronts (I hate pulling off the masking paper, it's fiddly. The kids find it soothing.)

Ankle still sucks. Production is still slower than it needs to be for my upcoming shows -- I need to ship to Farpoint tomorrow, Pancakes and Booze is Saturday (and Tammy will be doing all my setup and teardown, thank goodness), NerdFaireCon is February 8th, and that's the one I need to do MASSIVE amounts of production for. I mean, I'm short on stock for absolutely everything, but that one needs ALL THE THINGS, and 75% of the things in question happen on the Glowforge. Which is really not meant to be a production machine. Whee!

The boot inflicts its own set of bruises, but the actual injuries bruises have faded.

I've got a completed prototype of a ring-style refillable journal/notebook that takes standard half-letter and Franklin Covey paper, and will have the FiloFax version done once I can get my hands on a sample piece of their paper to properly measure the holes. This one is MDF, but all the ones I actually sell will be wood. (MDF is $4/sheet. Laser-prepped wood is $11-$16/sheet. Scroll-saw supplier Baltic birch is cheaper, but I need to figure out what level of sanding and finishing it needs before I sell anything made with it, and that's not happening while I'm not allowed to stand for more than a minute or two.)

I'll probably switch to slightly smaller rings, but this is what I could access when a friend could take me erranding. The inability to go out and find things is possibly the most irritating thing about this (other than the pain, and the boot.) Normally to solve the filofax examplar problem, I'd just stop by the Goodwill after dropping Dan off at school. Now, I have to hope I find a friend who can mail me a sheet or two.

I did mail order a bunch of heavier paper and a heavy duty hole punch. Did you know you can easily pay $80 for a good, non-electronic hole punch? (I didn't. I did spend $40, though.)

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