my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

sprains suck.

On Sunday, 15 minutes into a much needed cleaning binge (did I mention we're getting a puppy in a few weeks? and we have SO MUCH STUFF in puppy chewable/pee-on-able places that we'd rather not be ruined?) I slipped and twisted my ankle under my full weight plus the heavy bag I was carrying.

I haven't been in this much pain since I was throwing my back out regularly. I'm almost completely laid up, even with painkillers. I can sit up for about 20 minutes at a time. The bathroom is close by, but the kitchen is upstairs, and I am dependent on people paying attention to their texts and bringing me food.

Text messages are not guaranteed to be delivered in a timely fashion at any time. My house is made of concrete. Teenagers ignore their phones unless they are talking to their friends. The teenagers are, in fact, especially pouty today. D is somewhat excused, though, as the walk home in the snow when he's already under the weather sucks, and normally I pick him up from the bus stop. 

This is not good for the puppy prep cleaning, or getting my worked shipped to Arisia in time. I've never taught anyone else how to put things together on cards and such, and my packaging and shipping supplies are in a lot of different places, none of them easily explained, or easy to navigate to on crutches. I am extra regretting that the studio organization project that was supposed to happen over vacation (and of course didn't, why do I forget that vacation for the kids is not vacation for me?) did not.

I've exhausted the supply of Monty Don videos on Netflix.

I have an in-person show on the 26th, as well as a remote show that needs work to be in Baltimore by the 26th. My stock is half what it should be. And I have a show on february 9th which I need to complete a massive amount of work for, primarily on the glowforge, which is upstairs, that has to include a fuckton of full on new, not jewelry, designs.

I could scream. Well, I did scream, but I could scream for non-pain based reasons.

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