my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

*happy dance*

I just completed my first proper wholesale sale, and now my work will be appearing at the American Astronomical Society's bi-yearly meeting, courtesy of the fine women who run Startorialist. I'm pretty much over the moon, if you'll forgive the quasi-pun.

I figured they would just pick up a few things -- they had mentioned being interested in the coasters and the little triple moon pendants -- but when we sat down, they looked at all of my stock and picked up a bunch of different things, from pretty much every category of stuff that I do.

I had been incredibly nervous all day that they would end up not buying anything, so to have it go so very well is extremely gratifying.

I have to do some unexpected painting tomorrow morning so I have enough of certain things to make a proper shipment to Arisia, and will need to be really steady on production to not be short at my next two shows (Pancakes and Booze on the 26th, NerdFaire on February 9th) but I think it's doable.

In unrelated but happy news, while I was frantically putting stuff together for the wholesale meeting, the rest of the family went and met some puppies, one of which will be coming home to us in about a month! It's taken me quite a while to get on the excited-about-dog train, but I think it's going to be really great for the kids and R to have a snuggly animal who needs lots of walks around. 

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