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Moving furniture

So much more important things I should be journaling about, but I lack the attention span to write about anything emotional or complex, and lack the time to go through London pictures yet.

I have gotten the towers of hanoi moving in my room again, helped by the realization that the plan I'd been working from for several years was all about working in a medium I no longer do regularly, and my new needs are much simpler and cheaper to accomplish -- but still, everything in my space is moving, and woooooow it's amazing how much crapnel accumulates under beds. It's all rather terrifying looking right now, and there is a chance I will have to sleep on the couch tonight, but at least there is movement on something I need and that is under my control, and that counts for a lot right now.

I've got an external deadline for once, because I need to make a LOT of stock for my show on the 6th and then TONS for GeekGirlCon, and the space I was attempting to do it in has become basically impossible; when I finish this, which should happen by Monday night, my workspace will be waaaay more effective and ergonomic and have more storage suitable to art supplies.  I'll have a significant drop in privacy as a result until a not-in-my-control piece of furniture assembly happens, but I can live with that.

UPDATE: the furniture that was supposed to be here Monday will actually be here Thursday. And after moving the bed (piece #3) to its new position, I have discovered that I apparently mismeasured, and this plan will completely not work. Damnit.

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