my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

what is it about jerks and expensive cars?

When I was picking up D from camp one of the other moms backed into me (we had both been backing out, but when I saw her coming I hit the brakes and was entirely stationary when she hit me.) and she totally tried to play like it was my fault. She was downright snotty. I wish I was surprised at this attitude coming from someone with a recent BMW, but ... totally not. I didn't exchange info because it was only scratches (I was stopped, she was going maybe 2 mph) but I did take pictures. There is a 2 foot swath of scratch and paint transfer across the back of my car, from the middle of the back to the corner and only a few scratches on the corner of hers, which I'm pretty sure any halfway competent inspector is going to be able to look at and verify the physics involved.

I know it is unlikely anything will come of it, but it's just so irritating, and totally ruined my mood. And getting it fixed would cost more money than I want to spend on something as frivolous as car paint right now.

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