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my patronus is a basilisk jeliza
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ooh, shiny.
I have now become extremely jazzed by the idea of making nifty plaques/wall hangings/boxes combining the laser cutter and the kind of glass cabochon painting I already do, which leaves me with a big decision about how to spend the next three weeks of my learning time before we leave on the trip. Option 1 is to keep working on "forwards" translucent painting on the 3d glass and Option 2 is to to learn Inkscape/vector drawing so I can do the design work needed. It is possible that option 2 will be easier, given that I am familiar with graphics programs in general and can take a literal online class through the library, and it is semi-likely that the vector drawing apps I've got on the ipad will work (I am not taking my computer on the trip, as it is stupidly heavy.)

I need to ship off to three conventions before we leave (Confluence, WorldCon/ConJose, and ArmadilloCon) and I'm not shipping vases/etc even if I suddenly start being successful at it.

Or maybe this is all a ploy by my hindbrain to try and get out of painting more moon phase jewelry pieces, which I need to do in either case because they sell well, they are just really, really annoying to paint with my current set up.

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