my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

there was sweat.

I made it back to the gym after a two week hiatus and it's kind of amazing the difference it's made to how I feel., Not my mood, exactly, but just how I feel inside my body, way more confident (but much more sore.) It isn't visual, it's just feel like a being with physical agency instead of a lump.

I guess lifting heavy things just makes me feel competent.

Sean has taken on the project of learning how to make the glowforge engrave my glass cabochons so I can get nice clean symbols in them before I paint, which is really lovely, especially since I've got about a zillion new directions I'm expanding in, and thoroughly learning Inkscape and the laser while also trying to teach myself an entirely different way of painting (and also completing massive kid and house projects before I leave for London) is full brain overload.

The only downside is looking again at some of the possibilities the laser opens up (oops, 45 minutes on pinterest) means it could be easy to spiral out to all sorts of different space art/crafts, and I need to decide if the "hand painted glass" part of what I do is essential. I mean, I guess I already do the printed SF art, but that's digital painting at least, and not just, say, burning some inspirational words and stars onto a plaque, which I think would sell and would be on theme, but doesn't quite seem .. handmade enough? Even if I am defining myself as a crafter/artisan rather than an "artist" but than again, money is good.

I can really make an identity crisis out of anything these days, though perhaps that's just a slightly more manageable stress than the world on fire I can do so little to affect.  

(Pinterest is at least a less depressing time suck than twitter.)

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