my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

 My schedule for all I was going to get done while Dan was away at school camp has been blown all to hell, becuase at 5:30pm yesterday I got a call and it was clear that he was too sick to stay (particularly at the NatureBridge camp, where each day has hours of hiking.)

So, 2.5 hours there, via the Edmonds-Kingston ferry, and then 3.5 back, becuase it was late enough that we couldn't make the ferry's last sailing. Ugh. What's especially dumb is that if I have family in Sequim that I'm not super close to but would have totally been fine letting us crash, but I don't have their phone numbers and no easy way to get it.  

I really, really hate driving on country highways at night, it's so horror movie waiting to happen, and when a car is far enough ahead of you in the dark, the red taillights look like monster eyes. 

The boy is going to the doctor, since apparently the problem is something he's been having for a while but it just massively escalated, S is taking time off work to take O to the dentist appointment I had scheduled for right when Dan's school usually gets out, and I had to drink cola to stay awake and so didn't sleep for shit once I made it home at 1. 

And my one rare-ish album offering is being discontinued, and etsy is raising their fees.

I am really not fond of the world right now. Wah wah.

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Tags: parenting, whining

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