my patronus is a basilisk (jeliza) wrote,
my patronus is a basilisk

life trudges on

I finally got back to the gym after more than a week off, and am not back to my old norms, but am at least better than that last horrible day, where I couldn't even budge my normal warm up weight.  I have been unrelentingly tired, even when I get enough sleep, for days on end now, which is really irritating, and I think part of the issue. 

Our washer finally died (it's the one that came with the house, and wasn't new then, so it lived a long and honorable life and we thank it for its service) and in researching a replacement, it looks like we should take the cabinets that were above it out so we can install a better machine. So I watch a "removing kitchen cabinets" video, trundle in to check ours out and once again, those fuckers didn't install them correctly. Or even the most easy way, as far as I can tell. No screwing them in to the drywall (and that wall is drywall, not concrete so no excuse) they used LIQUID NAILS in a line like freaking caulk to  attaching them, which means not just that we are going to need a crowbar instead of a drill, but the odds of the wall getting damaged in the process are now super high.

Some days I really miss renting.

Heated mattress pads are awesome.

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