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I had a dream I was some sort of interdimensional feral library toddler, and I was finally convinced to stay in one place and not disappear into (literally, like a portal thing) the bookcases by a very old Chinese grandmotherly wizard who lured me out with scallion pancakes, a la Hellboy only savory.

(I went to the store today and bought frozen ones as a result, but was to tired to actually fry them up. Dinner tonight is pretty much only happening because it is the world's easiest crockpot recipe. I pushed a little too hard at the gym yesterday and everything hurts.)

I finished Baby's First Linesheet and sent it off to my potential wholesale account; there is a lot about it that needs fixing, but the fixing will first require a whole lot of new work being made, so I'm guessing it won't be until September that it gets done (which is basically too late to approach stores for holiday sales but oh well.

The bullet journal thing is working well, and having my to do list on paper means I check my to do list on my phone less, which means I look at screens less & worry less. Mostly. I did binge read Jennifer Crusie novels (via ebook) and ended on the one that has very effectively written ghosts, which was ... not a good thing for me to read right before bed.

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